Visions of Painted Glass (2019)

for wind ensemble [ca. 22 minutes]


Picc | Fl. 4 (IV dbl. picc.) | Ob. (2) | Eng. Hn. (1) | Cl. Eb (1) | Cl. Bb (5) | B. Cl. Bb (1) | Cb. Cl. Bb (1) | Bsn. (2) | Cbsn. (1) | SATB Sax | Tpt. Bb (4) | Cornet Bb (2) | Hn. F (6) | Tbn. (3) | B. Tbn (1) | Euph. (2) | Tuba (2) | Harp | Piano | Contrabass | Timpani | Percussion (4)

Program Note

On a surface level, this piece draws on my experiences basking in the resonance of grand halls, the refraction of light through stained glass windows projecting onto stone, and the serene state of mind such an array of warm colors and soft shadows put me in. On a more personal level, this work is a response to my time in Cincinnati. Many of my hours here were spent on long drives through its rolling hills following the unending flow of the river, searching for vistas with breathtaking views across the state border or trying to find new perspectives of the cityscape enveloped by fog. The culture of this place and its people has impacted me both as an artist and as a person. It’s difficult for me to put emotions like that into words, so I’ve chosen to put it into music. Throughout the work are various quotes from my colleagues at CCM and from several of my heroes; all interwoven with my own musical language to convey a heartfelt message of “thank you”.

NOTE: Some changes were made to the score after the premiere. If you would like to listen to a MIDI recording that reflects those changes you may download or stream the file to the left.