Painted Glass (2019)

for orchestra [ca. 11 minutes]


Picc. | Fl. (2) | Ob. (2) | Eng. Hn. (1) | Cl. Bb (2) | B. Cl. Bb (1) | Bsn. (2) | Cbsn. (1) | Hn. F (4) | Tpt. Bb (2) | Tbn. (2) | B. Tbn (1) | Tuba (1) | Piano | Timpani | Percussion (3) | Strings

Program Note

This work is derived from a larger work titled Visions of Painted Glass for wind ensemble. The world of this piece draws from my experiences with the resonance in grand halls, the refraction of light through stained glass windows, and the serene state of mind such an array of warm colors put me in. While Visions of Painted Glass delves deeper into the emotional complexities of the endless goal towards self-actualization, this piece is more on the object of beauty itself. Objects of salience can unveil a canvas within one’s own mind to paint a picture of infinite detail. For me, to be alive is to observe the world and all its nooks and crannies.