For a preview of the score,   click here  . 

For a preview of the score, click here

Negative Space (2017)


Flute (1)
Alto Flute (1)
Oboe (1)
Clarinet in Bb (1)
Bass Clarinet in Bb (1)
Bassoon (1)
Horn in F (4)
Strings (minimum 6,6,5,4,2)

Program Note

Negative Space refers to the realm of the abstract. While there are various narrative paths I kept in mind when constructing this piece, there is no single story I am attempting to tell. This work represents my thoughts and feelings about the conflicts between a reality based on the pursuit of absolute truth and an abstract reality constructed within one's own mind. Through the interaction of musical concepts, I chose to reflect on what it means to be myself, to be human, to be alive, and the inconceivable notion of nonexistence.

For a preview of the score, click here

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  • Score & Parts = $110.00 (includes an 11 x 17 score with each individual part)

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