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Artifacts of Detachment (2018)

for flute/piccolo, tuba, and piano [ca. 16 minutes]

No. 1 - Child Song

It’s my first day and the air is filled with song! Exuberance, joy, vitality, power; a multi-faceted, kaleidoscopic world to explore. Every moment a novel occasion. Every sound full of splendor. I want to step back, beyond what my eyes can see. What voice shall I channel today? Shall I sing you father’s song?

No. 2 - The Knife Wishes to be a Spoon

What is my song? Sinew, marrow, flesh and blood. My brother gets to caress. My brother gets to embrace, to support. I get to pierce. I get to slice, to tear. I get to threaten, hurt, kill! A role I have no desire to fill, I’m stuck singing father’s song.