Architects of a Whimsical Nature (2017)

for violoncello and percussion [ca. 5 minutes]

Program Note

Architects of a Whimsical Nature follows the interaction of several stylistic concepts. The first half of the piece deals with combining these concepts into various sections with distinct characteristics. In the middle of the piece there is a powerful event that instigates a change in how the material interacts. The pulse of the piece slows down and the ideas presented in the first half of the piece are now filtered through a singular stylistic concept. The energy pushes to the end, coming to an abrupt crash at the end before fading into nothingness.

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  • Score (w/parts) = $15.00 (includes an 8 x 11 wire-bound score with hard stock title page, a clear plastic sheet protector over the title page, and a black plastic back cover)

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